Integrating Zuplo and Axiomatics: 

Extend Attribute-Based Access Control to your APIs

Almost one third of all web attacks in 2023 were targeted at APIs. In the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, that percentage jumped to close to 50 percent. With APIs leveraged extensively in modern architectures, it’s crucial to have scalable access control for your APIs.

David Brossard, Chief Technology Officer of Axiomatics and Nate Totten, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Zuplo discuss how to take a defense-in-depth approach to managing and protecting your organization’s APIs.


Nate Totten, Zuplo Co-Founder and CTO  & David Brossard, Axiomatics CTO

How Zuplo works

We Cover:

  • Dynamic and Fine-Grained Authorization: Implementing dynamic and fine-grained authorization for APIs 
  • Policy-as-Code Approach: Explore leveraging a policy-as-code approach to enhance API security.
  • Zero Trust for APIs: Applying Zero Trust principles specifically to APIs 

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